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  • 02:22 Popular DIY Flower Halo

    DIY Flower Halo

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    {FAQ} ---------------- Which circle lenses are you wearing in this video? What do you use to dye your hair? Special Effects in Fish Bowl...

  • 06:05 Popular Make ♥ Soap His&Hers (Gift Ideas)

    Make ♥ Soap His&Hers (Gift Ideas)

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    EXPAND FOR SOAP INFO&WATCH IN 1080p! Don't Forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE,&SHARE MAKEUP, STYLE,&SKIN CARE! Note: I will be posting home remedies starting ne...

  • 03:08 Popular DIY: Fairy Glow Jars

    DIY: Fairy Glow Jars

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    Enjoy! For those lasting how long it lasts- virtually forever! As long as you use actual glow in the dark paint and not a temporary glowstick, you should be ...



    by Admin Added 2,737 Views / 0 Likes

    A great DIY project to start off the new year! Reusable paint chip calendar. WHERE YOU CAN FIND US:

  • 04:38 Popular DIY Body Bronzer&Cheek Stain!! Easy Summer Go-To Moisturizer

    DIY Body Bronzer&Cheek Stain!! Easy Summer Go-To Moisturizer

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    Today we will make a handy Body Bronzer and Cheek Stain out of old blush pallets! This is so easy to make and a great skin moisturizer! We will be putting th...

  • 05:50 Popular DIY | Galaxy Vans

    DIY | Galaxy Vans

    by Admin Added 3,103 Views / 0 Likes

    READ THIS BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS: I have no experience with other colored vans so I don't know how the shoes would turn out. 1. They are NOT waterproof. Bu...

  • 05:21 Popular Quick DIY Wire Rings!

    Quick DIY Wire Rings!

    by Admin Added 5,593 Views / 0 Likes

    Thumbs up for more easy DIY's

  • 06:27 Popular DIY: Bow Back Top - Renovate Your Old Shirts!

    DIY: Bow Back Top - Renovate Your Old Shirts!

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    I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY! Be sure to tweet me a pic or post a pic to my Facebook page if you try it out! :) xoxo, Beth Stay in touch with me! :) - My...

  • 10:10 Popular DIY: Galaxy Shoes!

    DIY: Galaxy Shoes!

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    I HAVE CHANGED MY TWITTER USERNAME TO DUE TO THE FACT I HAVE 3 Youtube channels! If you were following me on @MacAngel03 yo...

  • 08:52 Popular DIY Beach Bags + What's In My Beach Bag! (BuyorDIY)

    DIY Beach Bags + What's In My Beach Bag! (BuyorDIY)

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    Hope you enjoyed this BuyorDIY Episode! Let me know if you want to see more! xoxo, Beth Wanna win the supplies to make this Beach Bag? Here's how! -Give this...

  • 07:59 Popular DIY Graphic Tee (Super Simple)

    DIY Graphic Tee (Super Simple)

    by Admin Added 2,450 Views / 0 Likes

    Hey guys! Graphic tees are super trendy this summer but they can be pretty expensive. So I decided to do a super simple DIY that you can do in 30 minutes or ...

  • 04:22 Popular DIY Fun Bath Jellies Inspired By Lush

    DIY Fun Bath Jellies Inspired By Lush

    by Admin Added 2,684 Views / 0 Likes

    Hi there! In this video I will show you how to make fun looking bath jellies! They work just like body wash, the only difference is they look like jello. The...